In 1959 the railway was granted permission to extend a further 270 yards to Marine Parade where it still runs to today.


The railway was originally operated by 3 steam locomotives, Firefly, Royal Scot and Hampton Court. In 1968 a Diesel locomotive was built for quiet running days and poor weather. The railway then started to see more diesels operating on the line and the steam locomotives being sold until only diesels remained.


From 1983 until 2015 no steam operated on the line with exception to a couple of visiting locomotives including Firefly which visited for the railways 65th Birthday. In 2015 the railway managed to hire a steam locomotive called Edmund Hannay and runs it on fine days throughout the year.


Rock-a-Nore station is the main headquarters of the railway, with the locomotive sheds, workshops and storage sheds for the railways rolling stock. It is situated at the east-most end of Hastings Old Town surrounded by the Fishermans and Shipwreck Musuems, Aquarium, East Hill Cliff Railway and main Old Town Car Park.


The Line runs westwards for 600 yards past the historic fishing beach, home to the largest beach launched fishing fleet in Europe, Hastings Lifeboat Station, Jerwood Gallery and Flamingo park Fun Fair and boating lake. The line then terminates at Marine Parade Station which is situated by the Crazy Golf courses, West Hill Cliff Railway and approx 5 minute walk from Hastings Town Centre.



Hastings Miniature Railway started operating on Hastings

seafront on 5th June 1948 having previously operated 2.5 miles

away at Grosvenor Gardens in St Leonards on Sea in 1947.


The original line was approx 280 yards and ran between the

Coach Park and Rock-a-Nore Car Park. There was one station called Conquers Bay and trains operated on a push-pull system.


In 1950 the line was extended a further 50 yards west and a

new station was built called East Beach Street. Rock-a-Nore station

was also built and run round loops installed at both ends

allowing the trains to be pulled in both directions.

The Railway is home to a unique collection of locomotives, including the railways original diesel locomotive Uncle Jim. We also play host to visiting locomotives from other railways.


In 2016 the railway took over the operation of Alexandra Park Miniature Railway located approximately 1.5 miles away in the North end of Alexandra Park near Buckshole Reservoir.


The railway also has its own engineering company, RVM Engineering specialising in manufacturing and restoration of 7¼"- 10¼" Diesel/Petrol locomotives and rolling stock for both railways located in Hastings and for other miniature railways across the country.