RVM 2011 Speedy Fizzle


The first locomotive to be built by RVM Engineering by founder engineers Dan Radcliffe and Daryl Valentine.


Work started on this locomotive in 2009 and was hoped to be in service by 2010, unfortunatly Daryl Valentine passed away before completion and the locomotive did not get completed until 2011.


The locomotive was named after Daryl whos nickname was Fiz.

No 5 Uncle Jim


Built in 1968 by railway operator James hughes this locomotive was un-named until after the passing of J. Hughes where it was named Uncle Jim in his memory.


In 1992 the locomotive was sold to Knebworth house Miniature Railway but in 2012 Hastings Miniature Railway managed to purchase it back.


However soon after its return the original BMC Diesel gave up so the locomotive was converted to a Diesel Hydraulic.



No 6 Cornish Pixie


Built by RVM Engineering in 2016 as a 0-6-2 Diesel hydraulic this locomotive is based on Sir Hayden of the Talyllyn Railway.


This is one of the most complicated of locomotives built by RVM Engineering as it is fitted with Walschaerts Valve Gear.


The locomotive has been built for the one of the drivers and is named Cornish Pixie due to their love of Cornwall.

Edmund Hannay


Built in 1972 by David King for the Wells Harbour Railway this locomotive was sold on and ended up at Knebworth House Miniature Railway in 2013.


Unfortunatly the railway closed and was relocated to Hatfield but the locomotive saw little use after that.


In 2015 Edmund Hannay visited Hastings for our Gala Weekend and an arrangement was made for it to remain at the railway on loan.

D801 Vanguard


Built in 1943 as a GWR Railcar for Dudley Zoo this locomotive was later sold to Paignton Zoo and converted to a Warship class. It was removed from service in 1998 and left for several years under a cover in the car park.


In 2006 it was purchased by Knebworth House Miniature Railway.


Following the closure of Knebworth House Miniature Railway the locomotive was sold to Hastings in 2015.

Sir Duke


Built in 1986 for Hastings Miniature Railway as a very course looking steam outline Diesel Hydraulic named Misnat.


In 1992 the loco was sold and went to Worthing where it was re-named Dixie.


The loco was sold again to Basildon Miniature Railway where a new body was fitted. However the line later closed and the loco was loaned to Hastings for our Gala. Whilst here has had bodywork alterations and a name change.

1201 Princess Swee'Pea


Built in 1990 by Alan Keef ltd as an 0-6-0 Diesel hydraulic this locomotive was the only locomotive in operation from 1990 to 2010.


In 2011 she was removed from service requiring a major rebuild having run for 20 years on bare basic maintenance.


In 2012 she returned to service having been rebuilt in-house by RVM and converted to an 0-6-0 Diesel hydrualic tender engine.

47834 Jerry Lee


Built originally as a 4 wheel 7¼" Thunderbolt by Shepherton Metals this locomotive was later reguaged to 10¼" and fitted with a fibreglass body from an Ian Allen Meteor.


In 2010 the railway purchased the locomotive and in 2011 altered it to a 4+4

bo-bo Petrol mechanical.


In 2015 she was rebuilt again into her present 6+6 co-co Diesel hydraulic and lengthened to 15' 2".

No 3 Firefly


Built in 1990 as a Flash steam locomotive by Bob Yates for the Maryport Railway in Cumbria she suffered a boiler explosion and was removed from service.


Over the following 12 years she passed through several hands before coming to Hastings in 2010.


Although intended to be put back in to steam she currently runs as a petrol Hydraulic until funds are available to rebuild her.